Motherhood ruined my weekend getaway.

IMG_3025I spent the last weekend in Seattle! My sister and I flew in (very) early Saturday morning and left Monday afternoon. Since I had dropped my son off with my parents the Friday before – it was the longest period of time I have been without my son.

This trip was kind of impulsive. My sister had found super cheap tickets online and without really thinking about it I said yes. To be honest – if I had thought about it too much I probably wouldn’t have went. The funny thing, is I use to be such a spontaneous person! Motherhood has hijacked my brain. How is it that I have experienced skydiving + flown over a dozen times and more since I was 3 years old but only recently I felt fear that my plane could possibly go down in flames? It didn’t of course but I still felt the full force anxiety of what if’s and the guilt that I would leave my child without a mom all because I wanted to get away for the weekend. (unnecessary thoughts? yeah, I know.)

Don’t get me wrong though, despite my anxiety riddled self – I LOVED Seattle! My sister and I ate great food, had lots of laughs, and enjoyed a wonderful Wanderlust festival by a beautiful lake in Issaquah.

IMG_2864.jpgWe went to Pikes Place Public Market which honestly lives up to all the hype. We also went to the aquarium and even rode a Ferris Wheel which we quickly realized was kind of stupid since we’re both afraid of heights.


It was a good time yet I still found myself missing my little boy every time I saw a family with kids or even when I didn’t see a family with kids. lol. Yes, all the time. My toddler drives me nuts and yet 3 days away from him was definitely 3 days too long.
I was probably being slightly annoying about it but I honestly could not help it. It also got me to thinking a lot about how much I have changed. I’m guessing I still have to find the happy medium between being my carefree self and being a zero risk taking mother. Does it kind of suck that I will probably never do anything ‘risky’ like skydive again? Yeah, maybe a little bit but Motherhood is definitely an adventure all in its own.

On a positive note, I did realize that it’s okay to go and do things that are just for me! It is definitely not selfish and probably does a lot of good in helping me balance everything I have on my plate. I’m still working on the ridiculous thoughts that pop into my head but I’m hoping those are quieted over time. ( …but I also wouldn’t doubt that they grow exponentially when I have another baby. -_-)


Anyway the take away from all this!
If you’re not a parent yet… do all the crazy s#!t now! lol. jk. kind of. 🙂


Not so Newborn

I looked over at my baby napping the other day and for some reason it reminded me of watching him sleep when he was a newborn.  Inspired, I ended up having a “not so newborn” session while he slept which honestly was making me laugh way harder than it should have. This is the result.

It is crazy to think about how much he has grown and how much growing he has left to do. Is this little boy really going to be a 6 foot man looking down at me some day? Seems unfathomable yet here he is sprouting like a weed in front of my very own eyes.

All these thoughts make me regret not having someone take professional newborn photos or doing them myself but I was just so tired. (Weren’t we all?)  Luckily, we live in the era of the smart phone and I still have 50 trillion pictures to look back on. -anyway, my point is, take lots of pictures mamas and papas! It really does goes by way too fast.