My kid won’t stop screaming.

Send wine and snacks.

My two year old has recently developed the skills to form longer more coherent sentence but out of no where what does he choose to do? Scream. For no reason. It’s driving me mad. I know google will tell me to ignore the behavior and not give encourage his behavior by giving into what he wants but seriously? I might as well be saying “use your words” and “we don’t scream to get what we want” to a brick wall.

On the other hand? It’s 11:38pm and silence has never been more golden.
You know how they say the hard times make the good that much more sweet? Well a screaming snot nosed toddler makes a cheese, cracker, and prosciutto plate paired with a glass of wine in SILENCE feel like I’m vacationing in the Bahamas. It’s pure and utter bliss.

Still, I know I’ll be opening my kid’s door to give him a kiss him on the cheek and  somehow I’ll still secretly miss him before I fall asleep. Even with the fact that someone how by 7:00am he’ll wander down the hall and be waking me by poking my face saying “mommy! eat! eat!” over and over – Oh! The joys of motherhood.

So cheers! To all the mommies and daddies enjoying their night cap and the few hours of solitude. Here’s to you!